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1Review of renewable energy sources used in the Republic of Kazakhstan10.32523/2616-7263-2018-122-1-8-13
  • Аdilbekov E. K.
  • Sultanov T. T.

VOLUME 122, 2018 NUMBER 1
2The frequency-pulse control system with a filter in the modulator in the form of a l - th order dynamic system10.32523/2616-7263-2018-122-1-14-22
  • Aitchanov B. K.

VOLUME 122, 2018 NUMBER 1
3Modern state and prospects of applying the geo-information system in engineering-geological conditions10.32523/2616-7263-2018-122-1-23-28
  • Alibekova N. T.
  • Akhazhanov S. B.

VOLUME 122, 2018 NUMBER 1
4Synthesis of the control systems by the state of an ob ject with single input and single output by a gradient-velocity method of vector A.M. Lyapunov functions10.32523/2616-7263-2018-122-1-29-33
  • Beisenbi M. A.
  • Kaliyeva S. A.
  • Turmaganbetova M. K.
  • Muratzhanova N. T.

VOLUME 122, 2018 NUMBER 1
5Forecasting the Mechanical Properties of Heat Treated Pipes by Computer Modeling in Deform 3D10.32523/2616-7263-2018-122-1-34-40
  • Zhakupov A. N.
  • Bogomolov A. V.

VOLUME 122, 2018 NUMBER 1
6Comparative analysis of regulators in systems of microclimate10.32523/2616-7263-2018-122-1-41-49
  • Orazbayev B. B.
  • Sansyzbai L. Z.

VOLUME 122, 2018 NUMBER 1
7Computer prediction of opposite events on the basis of modification of the transition probabilities of Markov chains10.32523/2616-7263-2018-122-1-50-55
  • Ospanov S. S.
  • Ramazanov E. T.

VOLUME 122, 2018 NUMBER 1
8Research of wearproofness of the details restored by high temperature brazing10.32523/2616-7263-2018-122-1-56-61
  • Tulekov E. D.
  • Kara G. S.
  • Berikbol D. B.

VOLUME 122, 2018 NUMBER 1
9Development of technological desalination schememineralized water and material balance for engineering calculation of the installation10.32523/2616-7263-2018-122-1-62-67
  • Togabayev E. T.
  • Utepbergenova L. M.
  • Moldabayeva G. N.

VOLUME 122, 2018 NUMBER 1
10Types of seismic protection of buildings and structures: an overview10.32523/2616-7263-2018-122-1-68-72
  • Bagitova S. Z.
  • Slyamov E. A.

VOLUME 122, 2018 NUMBER 1