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1General formulation of flat element oscillation below the deformable medium surface by reference to temperature10.32523/2616-7263-2018-125-4-8-16-
  • Alenov K. T.
  • Dzhanmuldayev B. D.

VOLUME 125, 2018 NUMBER 4
2Development and research of automated heat point in improving the quality of heating and hot water supply systems in Kazakhstan10.32523/2616-7263-2018-125-4-17-20
  • Abdugulova Z. K.
  • Kisikova N. M.
  • .Kuanay A. E.

VOLUME 125, 2018 NUMBER 4
3The use of hydro-cyclone pumping units for the intensification of wastewater treatment processes10.32523/2616-7263-2018-125-4-21-28
  • Abduramanov A. A.
  • Abirov A. A.
  • Abashev A. A.
  • Kaliyeva Z. E.
  • Userbayev M. T.

VOLUME 125, 2018 NUMBER 4
4Innovative method of development of building products by using of 3D printer10.32523/2616-7263-2018-125-4-29-36
  • Bazarbayev D. O.
  • Utepov Y. B.
  • Taizhanova B. B.

VOLUME 125, 2018 NUMBER 4
5Justification of model for calculating the traction passability of the wheels of the all-wheel drive car (4x4) with the road10.32523/2616-7263-2018-125-4-37-43
  • Bekenov T. N.
  • .Merzadinova G. T.
  • Nussupbek Z. T.
  • Tassybekov Z. T.

VOLUME 125, 2018 NUMBER 4
6Justification of the road based seal model from the influence of road roller loads10.32523/2616-7263-2018-125-4-44-50
  • Bekenov T. N.
  • Tassybekov Z. T.
  • Nussupbek Z. T.

VOLUME 125, 2018 NUMBER 4
7Hazards regarding to freezing-thawing and freezing index10.32523/2616-7263-2018-125-4-51-55
  • Shakhmov Z. A.
  • Tleulenova G. T.
  • Ikapova I. S.

VOLUME 125, 2018 NUMBER 4
8Geoinformation database system for the city of Astana10.32523/2616-7263-2018-125-4-56-62
  • Akhazhanov S. B.
  • Zhussupbekov A. Z.
  • Alibekova N. T.

VOLUME 125, 2018 NUMBER 4
9Evaluation of distribution of structural steels crack resistance characteristics at low temperatures10.32523/2616-7263-2018-125-4-63-67
  • Jumabayev A. A.
  • Abshenov K. A.
  • Kaztuganova G. A.

VOLUME 125, 2018 NUMBER 4
10Investigation of specific properties of leather, which allows a comprehensive assessment of the quality of the new material10.32523/2616-7263-2018-125-4-68-74
  • Toguzbaev K. U.
  • Ermakhanova F. R.
  • Ibraeva A. A.
  • Toguzbaeva A. A.

VOLUME 125, 2018 NUMBER 4
11Calculation method of the working body of a hydraulic excavator10.32523/2616-7263-2018-125-4-75-80
  • Sazambayeva B. T.
  • Kenesbek A. B.
  • Kinzhebayeva A. S.
  • Togizbayeva B. B.

VOLUME 125, 2018 NUMBER 4
12Development of transit potential in conditions of integration of the Republic of Kazakhstan into International transport system10.32523/2616-7263-2018-125-4-81-88
  • Suleimenov T. B.
  • Sultanov T. T.
  • Tlepiyeva G. M.

VOLUME 125, 2018 NUMBER 4