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1Impact of self-compacting concrete for construction sites
  • Shakhmov Z. A.
  • Zhussupbekov A. Z.
  • Suzev N. A.
  • Utepov Y. B.
  • Root Y. N.
  • Ling H. I.
2The technical operation’s standards evaluation of the road transport’s rolling stock
  • Tulenov A.
  • Shoybekov B. Z.
  • Usipbaev U. A.
  • Kokayev U. S.
  • Abdiraimov A. A.
3Setting for cooling milk on a farm, using efficient earth radiation
  • Co j A. P.
  • Alimkeshova A. H.
4Description of the information-logical model of technology of production of building products using industrial waste and the IDEF1X methodology
  • Akishev K. M.
  • Aryngazin K. S.
  • Karpov V. I.