Kadyrov A. S.

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1Calculation of the structural strength of excavators working in the construction of the "wall in the ground" method
  • Kadyrov A. S.
  • Suleev B. D.
  • Kurmasheva B. K.
  • Kyzylbaeva E. Z.
  • Ganyukov A. A.
  • sgn2002@mail.ru
  • culeev_bahtiyar@mail.ru
  • happiness_b@mail.ru
  • elvirakiz@mail.ru
  • 556633@mail.ru
2Calculation of a mobile overpass using the finite difference method
  • Kadyrov A. S.
  • Balabekova K. G.
  • Ganyukov A.
  • sgn2002@mail.ru
  • 06_03_92@mail.ru
  • gnkv.a@gmail.com