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1Analysis of Multi-agent systems in Smart Cities10.32523/2616-7263-2022-139-2-7-19
  • Akhayeva Z. B.
  • Zakirova A.
  • Tolegenova G. B.
VOLUME 139, 2022 NUMBER 2
2Qualitative indicators affecting the oxidation of rapeseed and linseed oils10.32523/2616-7263-2022-139-2-20-39
  • Baikhozhaeva B. U.
  • Baigenzhinov K. A.
  • Zhussipov A. G.
  • Kambarova Z. M.
  • Yessimova Z. A.
VOLUME 139, 2022 NUMBER 2
3The method of forming a decentralized register of events of the information infrastructure of the enterprise10.32523/2616-7263-2022-139-2-40-50
  • Basinya E. A.
  • Safronov A. V.
VOLUME 139, 2022 NUMBER 2
4Commissioning Test of Distributed fiber-optics sensors during foundation monitoring of the Abu Dhabi Plaza construction project in Nur-Sultan City10.32523/2616-7263-2022-139-2-51-61
  • Zhussupbekov A.
  • Buranbayeva A.
VOLUME 139, 2022 NUMBER 2
5Experimental study of the hardness of the deposited surface with various methods of thermofriction milling10.32523/2616-7263-2022-139-2-62-71
  • Sherov K. T.
  • Imanbaev E. B.
  • Mardonov B. T.
  • Mahmudov L. N.
  • Usserbaev M. T.
  • Kuanov I. S.
VOLUME 139, 2022 NUMBER 2
6Computer modeling and verification of mechanical properties of metal-polymer composite materials used in the technological process of layer-by-layer growing of parts used in the technological process of layer-by-layer growing10.32523/2616-7263-2022-139-2-72-85
  • Absadykov B. N.
  • Bazarbay B. B.
  • Isametova M. E.
  • Smailova G. A.
  • Kalmaganbetov S. A.
  • Deshevsky N.
VOLUME 139, 2022 NUMBER 2
7Strengthening of the steel 20X of the binding of wedge columns by electrolyte-plasma hardening10.32523/2616-7263-2022-139-2-86-101
  • Kassenova A. B.
  • Kombaev K. K.
  • Akhmadiyev R. B.
  • Elemanov D. S.
  • Toktarbayeva G. M.
  • Sypainova G. S.
VOLUME 139, 2022 NUMBER 2
8Mathematical model of heat transfers during phase transition of heat storage material10.32523/2616-7263-2022-139-2-102-110
  • Jumabayev A. A.
  • Kudabayev R. B.
  • Suleimenov U. S.
  • Kalshabekova E. N.
  • Kambarov M. A.
  • Ristavletov R. A.
VOLUME 139, 2022 NUMBER 2
9Analysis of ways to reduce CO2 emissions by vehicles10.32523/2616-7263-2022-139-2-111-118
  • Mustayap M. B.
  • Mayboroda O. V.
  • Kalenov G. K.
VOLUME 139, 2022 NUMBER 2
10Changes in the structure of the surface layer of heavily loaded parts from structural steel with plasma hardening10.32523/2616-7263-2022-139-2-119-132
  • Moldakhmetova A. E.
  • Kanayev A. T.
  • Saidullayeva M. A.
  • Sarsembayeva T. E.
VOLUME 139, 2022 NUMBER 2
11Technical and Economic Efficiency of Devices for Ultrasonic Cleaning of City Bus Exhaust Gases10.32523/2616-7263-2022-139-2-133-142
  • Kurmasheva B. K.
  • Pak I. A.
  • Baurova N. I.
  • Karsakova A. Z.
  • Kadyrova I. A.
VOLUME 139, 2022 NUMBER 2
12Development of an effective high-performance computation for solving the Poisson equation10.32523/2616-7263-2022-139-2-143-151
  • Sakypbekova M. Z.
VOLUME 139, 2022 NUMBER 2
13The influence of Islamic philosophy in the formation of traditional housing in Bukhara10.32523/2616-7263-2022-139-2-152-160
  • Fayzullaeva N. N.
VOLUME 139, 2022 NUMBER 2