BULLETIN of L.N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University. Technical Science and Technology Series

Publisher: Non-profit joint-stock company "L.N.Gumilyov Eurasian National University"

ISSN: 2616-7263, eISSN: 2663-1261

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Technology for building ontologies for an information system to support scientific and educational activities

Sadirmekova Z. B., Tussupov J. A., Sambetbayeva M. A., Altynbekova Z. T.

Use of high-frequency radiation in chemical finishing processes of cotton knitwear

Tastanova S. P., Togataev T. U., Janpaizova V. M., Nabiev D. S.

Designing a device for evaluating the heat resistance of textile materials using the principles of design thinking

Mynbayev M. T., Merzadinova G. T., Baizhanova Z. B., Nurmukhambetova B. T.

Improving the anti-wear properties of flushing fluids by using bentonite clay

Golubev V. G., Sadyrbayeva A. S., Amantaeva D. B., Turebekova A. M., Kabylbek N.

Calculation of the structural strength of excavators working in the construction of the "wall in the ground" method

Kadyrov A. S., Suleev B. D., Kurmasheva B. K., Kyzylbaeva E. Z., Ganyukov A. A.

The study of the properties of cement compositions with oil sludge

Niyazbekova R., Chinakulova A. N., Negim E.

Calculation of drying temp and time of refractory materials

Nikiforov A. S., Prihodko E. V., Kingibekova A. K., Zhumagulov M. G., Karmanov A. E., Nurkina S. M.

Energy-saving potentials of the DSP-3A steel arc furnace

Merzadinova G. T., Abdrakhmanov Y. A.

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