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ISSN: 2616-7263, eISSN: 2663-1261

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Analysis of Multi-agent systems in Smart Cities

Akhayeva Z. B., Zakirova A., Tolegenova G. B.

Qualitative indicators affecting the oxidation of rapeseed and linseed oils

Baikhozhaeva B. U., Baigenzhinov K. A., Zhussipov A. G., Kambarova Z. M., Yessimova Z. A.

Experimental study of the hardness of the deposited surface with various methods of thermofriction milling

Sherov K. T., Imanbaev E. B., Mardonov B. T., Mahmudov L. N., Usserbaev M. T., Kuanov I. S.

Strengthening of the steel 20X of the binding of wedge columns by electrolyte-plasma hardening

Kassenova A. B., Kombaev K. K., Akhmadiyev R. B., Elemanov D. S., Toktarbayeva G. M., Sypainova G. S.

Mathematical model of heat transfers during phase transition of heat storage material

Jumabayev A. A., Kudabayev R. B., Suleimenov U. S., Kalshabekova E. N., Kambarov M. A., Ristavletov R. A.

Analysis of ways to reduce CO2 emissions by vehicles

Mustayap M. B., Mayboroda O. V., Kalenov G. K.

Changes in the structure of the surface layer of heavily loaded parts from structural steel with plasma hardening

Moldakhmetova A. E., Kanayev A. T., Saidullayeva M. A., Sarsembayeva T. E.

Technical and Economic Efficiency of Devices for Ultrasonic Cleaning of City Bus Exhaust Gases

Kurmasheva B. K., Pak I. A., Baurova N. I., Karsakova A. Z., Kadyrova I. A.

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The use of hydro-cyclone pumping units for the intensification of wastewater treatment processes

Abduramanov A. A., Abirov A. A., Abashev A. A., Kaliyeva Z. E., Userbayev M. T.

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